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Rosease Protocol

for Oily Skin


Splendor Makeup Remover

Code: 641P

How to use

Gently massage the pampering, oil saturated cream until it softens into a milky cleansing lotion that will instantly dissolve all makeup traces and be easily rinsed off. We have invested a lot of love in formulating this cleanser to allow the users to indulge and enjoy a thorough yet extra mild facial MAKEUP REMOVAL.

What is it for

Very important to rid the skin of all iron oxides (metal pigment) traces. While they successfully concealed excessive facial redness (during daytime) they tend to accelerate free radical damage due to the interaction with the lipids of the skin’s barrier.


Pure & Gentle Cleansing Foam

Code: 642P

How to use

While the oil based Makeup Remover was capable of dissolving (even dried) oily residues accumulated on the skin’s surface – you may now lightly spread the soft airy texture all over the skin’s surface with no worries about irritating the gentle eye contour area or degreasing the skin. The foam will effectively PURIFY the skin and even calm minor irritations!

What is it for

Inspite of the light, airy texture of this cleansing foam – it reaches every spot when smoothed over face. The excellent antimicrobial profile of its gentle formula will effectively lower microbial count all over the skins surface and give the skin’s alert receptors some rest. This foam may even serve as an excellent hygienic care cleanser acting as a preventive remedy for sensitive; atopic skin which is prone to develop eczema, irritations and inflammation.


Quenching Gel Mask

Code: 643P

How to use

Apply in a generous enough layer to deeply calm and hydrate the treated skin acting on the priciples of osmosis. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before you proceed to the next step. Use the time for clients relaxation or for a calming scalp massage; Pampering hand treatment etc.

What is it for

This is a cooling and soothing mask – but at the same time it also deeply hydrates the skin preparing it for the gentle exfoliation that these sensitive skin types can endure. There is no need to rinse off the residue of this mask. Excess may be gently removed with slightly moist tissues.


Myrrh & Frankinsence
Deep Purifying Balm

Code: 644P

How to use

This deep penetrating oil gel should be used to dissove sebaceous “glue” that holds layers of dead cells together as well as to unclog dried sebum residue on the skin, or in enlarged pores etc. by means of slow local circular fingertip massage over problem areas (bumps; pustule; dried crust on the skin’s surface etc. ) the oil gel is easily rinsed of with water. Once the skin begins to feel much smoother under the fingertips – the oil gel may be washed off and the skin gently dried by patting with soft dry tissues.

What is it for

To make the most of the ROSEASE Toolkit we need to very gently exfoliate the dead cells (without using any abrasives; AHAs, BHAs, harsh solvents) that may irritate this delicate skin and increase the redness of this vulnerable skin type. Exfoliation is necessary because many of the causes for chronic inflammation are underneath the dead cell layers which promote sufficient water retention to enable the survival of skin irritating micro-flora in the clients personal microbiome.


Fast Acting Herbal Essence

Code: 645P

How to use

Follow with 1-2 thin layers of the Herbal Essence to leave a protective film on the cleansed and purified skin. Make sure you have covered all treated areas and let them dry for 1-2 minutes.
Remember that if you offer this skin type generous moisturizing products – it may increase water availability and encourage the return of the uninvited guests.

What is it for

The Herbal Essence is essential to provide longer lasting hygienic support. The unfriendly microflora which earlier found comfortable habitat in our client’s sensitive areas may now be redirected out of these locations, and give our client some relief. Allow these clients to rebuild their healthy barrier functioning. This may require a temporary “dry” skin care regimen avoiding too many moisturizers.


Comfort Soothing Lotion
& Cooling Peel Off Seaweed Mask

Code: 646P & 608S

How to use

To obtain the most of the Soothing Sensation apply a thin layer of the ROSEASE 646 Comfort Soothing Lotion for thick, oily skin (including men) under the Seaweed Mask. Once mask is removed apply a thin layer of 646 onto the skin.
Optional: Sensitive skin prone to develop redness may enjoy (especially in the summer) the Cooling Seaweed Mask.
Follow the directions on the container on how to prepare the mask correctly.

What is it for

A pleasant cooling sensation accompanied with relaxation at the end of the treatment session is always welcomed by our clients.
The Comfort Soothing Lotion protects the skin’s lipid barrier while enhancing surface hygienic conditions by utilizing premium polysaccharides Acemannan (Aloe Vera leaf gel) & Carob seed gel with the antioxidant Hydroxyacetophenone (Arctic Cloudberry).
The seaweed mask emits water when the algin is setting. A layer of water finds it way to the narrow gap between the mask and the skin. This will help detach the mask in one piece when the alginate is fully set. Another layer of water accumulates on the external surface of the mask. As this water evaporates it will provide a cooling sensation similarly to the cooling effect of sweat which governs human thermo-regulation.


Ester C Serum +
Concealing Powder Foundation

Code: 201-3P + 101P

How to use

If the client is more comfortable with a bit of coverage applied at the end of the treatment apply a thin layer of 101 Ester C from the Anna Lotan PRO line. This smooth vitamin C oil will serve as a perfect “Primer” for the Concealing Powder that matches the clients skin tone. Pat lightly a little powder with a makeup brush or clean fingers until the required coverage is optained.

What is it for

This type of coverage which is composed of totally Oil Free formulations does NOT increase water availability and for that reason it is preferred to be used at the end of a relatively intrusive treatment.

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