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Cranberry Splendor Rejuvenation Facial Protocol

Experience the warm and comforting embrace of autumn with our signature fall facial, designed to rejuvenate and nourish the skin as the seasons change. A luxurious treatment that combines the natural antioxidant goodness of cranberries, the power of peptides, the exfoliating benefits of lactic acid, and the hydrating magic of hyaluronic acid to leave your skin glowing with health and vitality.

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Protocol Bundle includes: 1 – Premium Makeup Remover 2 fl oz 1 – Seba Foam Cleanser 5 fl oz 1 – Moisture Splash 8 fl oz 1 – HA Hydration Gel 16.9 fl oz 1 – SetFM Mask (42 tablets) 3 – Golden Seabuckthorn Cream to Oil Massage 0.27 fl oz 1 – Lacto-Cranberry 16% 8 fl oz 1 – Cell 2 Cell Repair Emulsion 1.7 fl oz 1 – Carrotinol Peeling 2.5 fl oz 1 – Touch of Gold Mask 2.5 fl oz 1 – First of All Quenching Serum 3.4 fl oz 1 – Smoothing Repair Butter 1.7 fl oz 1 – Bio-Peptide Leave-on Eye Contour Mask 1.7 fl oz 1 – Lightly Tinted Mineral Day Cream SPF 30 1.7 fl oz   From start to finish this protocol is a sensory experience built and designed for the fall. Starting with a gentle foam cleanse. The Seba-Foam Mild Facial Cleanser is ideal for alleviating redness in facial T-zone.   Following the cleanse we spritz the clients skin with Moisture Splash to balance and start to moisturize the skin. This leads us up to the signature Anna Lotan PRO core philosophy of prepping the skin with hydration before exfoliation. We apply HA Hydration Gel to the clients skin, followed by a SetFM compressed EcoMask Tablet expanded in water and then another layer of the HA Hydration Gel on top. This will hydrate the skin’s cells and prepare the skin for non damaging exfoliation.    This protocol features a double exfoliation starting with the Lacto-Cranberry 16% Skin Renewal Peel. This advanced peel sits on the clients skin for 1-3 min for the initial treatment. This is a concentrated fluid peel based on the exfoliating properties of lactic and glycolic acids (AHAs) at the maximum allowed concentration (16%) for professional use, but it also includes the antioxidant properties of Cranberries.   Following the Lacto-Cranberry peel we apply a layer of Cell2Cell Repair Emulsion to the skin and then perform an exfoliating massage over that with the Carrotinol Peeling which is going to invert into an oil and use the hyaluronic acid in the product to create a gentle yet effective exfoliation.    The facial massage is performed using the Golden Seabuckthorn Cream-to-Oil for a luxurious slip and is followed with the A Touch of Gold Beauty Mask. This is a luxurious care mask that gently pampers delicate face and neck, leaving a firming effect with a sensation of comfortable relaxation.   We finish by quenching the skin with First of All, locking in that moisture with Smoothing Repair Butter, treating the eyes with Bio-Peptide Leave On Eye Contour Mask, and the lips with Shea Butter Lip Balm.   Lightly Tinted Mineral Day Cream SPF 30 finishes this luxurious and elegant treatment protocol.    This entire luxurious protocol costs about $8.87 per treatment, and could easily be sold to clients for between $95-150. 

1) PRE-CLEANSE:  Premium Makeup Remover (155) – Removes all makeup and debris on the skin to prep for the treatment.

2) CLEANSE:  Seba Foam Cleanser (270) – Rinse off.

3) HYDRATE/BALANCE: Moisture Splash (451) – Spray onto skin , and let sit.

4) PRE-PEEL PREP: Prepare skin for the peel by using the HA Hydration Gel with the SetFM Mask (tablets). This step softens the cells of the Stratum Corneum making exfoliation easier. Pour tepid water into a small bowl. Place a tablet in the bowl and allow it to absorb the water. Apply a generous layer of  HA Hydration Gel (375) over the face using a flat brush or spatula. Take the moist cotton mask (tablet) and spread it over the face. Add a second layer of the HA Hydration Gel (375) over the tablet and let sit for 10 minutes. Gently remove the mask. Wipe off excess.

OPTIONAL: Hand Massage: While the HA Hydration Gel is saturating the cells during the 

PRE-PEEL PREP through osmosis,  perform a hand massage with Golden Seabuckthorn Cream to Oil Massage (154) OR perform a Gua Sha Treatment over the mask.

 *Wipe off any excess HA Hydration Gel before performing the peels.

5) PEEL I: Lacto-Cranberry 16% (093) – Apply an even layer to the face and neck for 1-3 minutes during the first treatment then adjust time accordingly for future treatments. Remove with tepid water.

6) PEPTIDE SERUM: Cell 2 Cell Repair Emulsion (768) -Biomimetic components: Amino Acids, HA, Aloe Vera, Peptides and Vitamins A & E to smooth and protect the skin.  Leave on.

7) PEEL II: Carrotinol Biomimetic Enzyme Peel (379) – Once the gel inverts into an oil the delivery system will help transport the ingredients in the Cell 2 Cell deeper into the layers of the epidermis.  Massage this gel to oil hydrating peel into the skin for 5 minutes then leave on.

8) MASSAGE: Face, neck, and decollete with Golden Seabuckthorn Cream to Oil.  Remove with tepid water.

9) MASK: Touch of Gold Mask (100) – Improves moisture retention and fine lines and wrinkles. Leave it on for 15 minutes.  Remove with tepid water.

10) QUENCHING SERUM FOR HYDRATION: FIRST OF ALL (380)- A biomimetic serum containing components that mimic the NMF complex of the skin – Contains HA, Lactic Acid, Amino acids, Polysaccharides from plants, seaweeds, and dates. Apply to skin, let dry – leave on.

11) MOISTURIZE: Smoothing Repair Butter (143) – The peptide dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline suppresses the synthesis of MMPs, with knotgrass, magnesium & potassium to tone and suppress environmental hazards.

12) EYE: Bio-Peptide Leave-on Eye Contour Mask (188) – Matrixyl 3000 & Argireline to minimize the appearance of fine lines while reducing morning puffiness.

13) LIP: Shea Butter lip (029)

14) ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Protective Moisturizer SPF 30

Please refer to each individual product listing for a full list of ingredients.

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