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Anna Lotan Pro x Chakralicious Reiki Renewal Protocol & Education

Boost your intuition and your earnings! In a world where skincare is a sanctuary, behold a symphony of meticulously crafted formulations designed to nurture your skin from within. Anna Lotan Pro USA has partnered with Esthetician and Reiki master teacher, Linda Bertaut of Chakralicious to combine the beauty of nature, the art of science, and the healing energy of Reiki. This package gives you a full facial protocol bundle, access to Linda’s online course – Intro to Healing with Reiki level 1, and a special Reiki Renewal Facial using Anna Lotan Pro products. Embrace your inner healer by offering a customized service that will renew and restore your clients’ providing a glow both inside and out!

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The products included in the protocol kit are:

1 – Pure & Gentle Cleansing Foam 5 oz.

1 – Moisture Splash 8 oz. 

1 – Cell 2 Cell Repair Emulsion 1.7 oz.

1 – Carrotinol Peeling 2.5 oz.

1 – Soothing Moringa Mask 2.4 oz.

1 – Jerusalem Balsam Skin Barrier Support 2.5 oz.

1 – Premium Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Nameko Mucin 1.7 oz.

1 – Shea Butter Lip Balm 0.5 oz

Total Value: $183 Bundled Price $149

Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki 1 Course includes:

– Remove fears, doubts, and second-guessing yourself.

– Release stress and gain confidence to be the empath, healer, intuitive that you are.

– Quiet your mind and emotions to gain clarity and move forward in life. 

– Experience more inner peace and happiness.

– Gain the skills and resources you need to share your healing abilities with others.

You will learn: 

– Healing tools to rebalance and restore your own energy through Self-Reiki treatments.

– The fundamentals of energy, the Chakra system, conscious breath, meditation, and intentional prayer. 

– Reiki hands-on healing techniques for yourself and others. 

– How to protect yourself against negativity and other energy zappers.

– To gain confidence in your own healing abilities that will last a lifetime. 

Here’s what’s included:

– Receive your Reiki Level 1 Attunement from Chakralicious founder Linda Bertaut

– Access16 Training Videos on how to understand energy healing and the steps to heal yourself, including:

  1. How to heal in your healing journey: Conscious breath, Meditation, Intentional prayer.
  2. Energy Conversation: What is Reiki, the 3 Levels of Reiki.
  3. The Chakra System: Energy conversation #2, It takes like to heal like.
  4. How-To Reiki Treatments: Start your self-treatment, How to perform a full-body self-treatment, Seated self-Reiki with Meeting Your Future Self guided visualization.
  5. Performing Treatments on others: Full body treatment on others, Mini-treatments on others.

– Access to Reiki 30-Day Challenges held Live with Linda throughout the year.

– Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki Level 1 Certificate upon completion

Your course downloads include: 

– Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki 1 Workbook (55 pages)

– 5 Hand Position Charts:

  1. 2 Self treatments
  2. 2 Treatments for others
  3. 1 Reiki Facial

– Reiki Self-Guided Treatment MP3 (35 minutes)

– Breath of Light meditation (5 minutes)

 Reiki Seated Treatment MP4 with Meeting Your Future Self Meditation (23 minutes)

– Chakra Assessment Form to be used with treatments on others

– Condition of the Chakras Form to be used with treatments on others

Total Course Value: $195 Bundled Price $150

Learn more about Chakralicious here:;

When you purchase this bundle you will get a copy of the detailed protocol and access to the Chakralicious Intro to Energy Healing with Reiki 1 class which will teach you all about how to use reiki during the treatment. 

Please refer to each individual products in the protocol for full ingredient listings

I have been working with anna lotan products for almost 3 years now and absolutely love everything about them! I use the products personally, on my clients and when i teach Dermaplaning classes! We also provide our students with product kits the sample sizes are great for this! The Carrotinol Peel is hands down one of my FAVORITE products Ever!!! I love that there are no minimum orders and clients can only get these products from professionals!! 10/10 recommend!

Amanda Malaguti

I absolutely LOVE Anna Lotan and their products! I use them in my business, and on myself, and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Their customer service cannot be rivaled and product shipping is extremely fast and accurate, with extra goodies packed in each order! I haven’t had one complaint in the over 5 years I’ve been affiliated with them.

Summer Miloro

If you are looking for high quality products and wonderful prices, you can invest without fear. you were able to see results within a few weeks, and don't worry if you're allergic to scent the products have mild scents and others don't smell at all is one of the things I love! You will not regret ❤️❤️

Sarah Brunhara

Customer Service is welcoming and helpful they are great. Love the products, my two favorites are Intensive Acai Berries Exfoliating Mask and Halva Sesame Enrichment Mask. Try them if you haven't.

Donna Maria Bell

They are high quality products. I love everyone. And I highly recommend. All beauty professionals should work with and use these products.

Karine Chimenes

Wonderful products for all skin types. New and unique innovations that complement treatments and customer service that is one of the best in the industry!

Carlen Van Scyoc